No More Goods Damaged

No More Goods Damaged - Gregory Blanchard

Whenever we buy a new car, our first priorities are registration and insurance. After we are done with these necessary requirements, we go for modification of the ride in many ways, such as engine, tires or body parts, etc. Normally, when we buy a car we don't have to install restraint system by ourselves. The car usually comes equipped with seat belts, airbags, etc. However, the choice should be made for the car offering the maximum number of safety instruments.

But the case is slightly different when it comes to trucks. We don't modify trucks with body parts or install exhaust components for loud sound. Trucks are used for business purposes and they are meant to be kept simple. However, simple doesn't mean that we should compromise on the safety of the goods that are we responsible to transport without the slightest damage.

Often the goods that we have to transport include delicate electric equipments or fragile crockery that are very susceptible to breaking and damage. A simple plate sometimes costs hundreds of dollars so we can't afford any loss with carelessness on our part. I still remember my delivery to the west coast, when I took a truck full of iPads, and upon reaching the dock, around 15 iPads were broken. I have to pay for that loss along with another delivery supervisor, but at least I learnt a lesson. The lesson was that I should use the best truck restraint systems available in the market for my truck. I did have to spend few hundred bucks initially, but later I could spare myself the damagesthat come spontaneously and might heavy on the pocket.

I went to my friend who runs a business of installing truck restraint systems in my town. He is my very good friend and I trust him in all manner of business and transactions. I asked him that I cared less about expense and just wanted the best one for my truck. My friend knows me and he told me to not to worry; that he knew what to do with my truck. After he was finished, I asked him about what tools and equipment he installed onto my truck. He then explained to me in detail about all the parts and their functions.

Since that day I have not suffered a single case of damage to any of my goods, and I am very much satisfied with my decision.